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How much does an ACT clutch weigh?
The weight of the ACT clutch assembly will usually be the same as a stock O.E.M. clutch assembly.
Are ACT clutches balanced?
Yes! All ACT clutch assemblies are computer balanced to help ensure smooth operation.
Do ACT clutches require a break in period?
For organic street discs "00 and SS" we recommend breaking in the clutch for 200-300 miles with mild engagement such as stop and go city driving prior to racing or spirited driving. ACT race discs usually only require a few hard slips to lap in the surfaces prior to normal driving or racing. Do not overheat the clutch during the break in period.
Are ACT clutches repairable or rebuildable?
Rebuild or repair may be possible in some cases, after inspection of the clutch assembly. Please contact our technical department for further information. Because of special modifications we do not recommend servicing by a general clutch rebuilder.
Will an ACT clutch increase pedal effort?
ACT pressure plates are specifically designed to handle high torque applications. With ACT's durable design you can expect to have an increase in pedal effort between 15-80% depending on application. We could design our clutches with less pedal effort but longevity, torque capacity, or engagement quality would suffer.


What is a flywheel step?
The flywheel step is extremely crucial for the clutch to work properly. The flywheel step determines the proper working range of the pressure plate. The step is the distance between the friction surface, and the pressure plate mounting point on the flywheel. Depending on the make and model of the car it can either be an UP step or Down step, and sometimes the flywheel will be flat. Check the manufacturers specifications about the proper flywheel step for your application.
Can the XACT Flywheels be resurfaced, and is there a special process?
Yes, ACT XACT flywheels can be resurfaced just like a stock flywheel and there is no special process. Make sure that the proper flywheel step is done, as this will affect the clutch function if it is not correct.
Can I use an aftermarket flywheel with an ACT clutch?
The ACT clutch system is designed to work with both stock and good quality aftermarket flywheels. Inferior aftermarket flywheels may have trouble with warpage or high wear. If you are replacing your flywheel, be sure that the new flywheel meets the same specifications, such as proper step, ring gear tooth count, flywheel thickness, ring gear offset, Etc.


Can an ACT Race Puck style disc be used for daily driving, and is it recommended?
The race disc is a very aggressive disc that offers a no nonsense performance action. The engagement is so harsh that taking off from a stop can cause chatter and or an uncomfortable noise. The chatter and noise has no affect on the performance on the clutch and no affect on the drive line components. This type of disc should only be used in a professional race setting, and never used on the street. ACT always recommends using an organic disc on the street because it offers a smoother engagement and a longer lasting performance value for everyday drivers.

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